It is our mission to clarify and articulate messages with purpose.


Great Jones Studio is a multidisciplinary creative shop in New York City led by creative director Dustin O'Neal. 

We write, direct, design and produce special brand content, marketing campaigns, and visual narratives for brands within the industries of design, luxury product, art and technology.

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Special Thanks

Pati Ramos-White, Creative Director / Sherry Matthews
Nicole Dufour DuRocher, Writer / Event Planner
Richie Hanao-Duque, Film Director
Melanie Courbet, Founder / Les Ateliers Courbet
Kyle Holder, Entrepreneur
Yeesan Loh, Creative Director
Delilah Rothenberg, Director of Sustainability / Pegasus Capital Advisors
Bryan "Keppie" Kepple, Creative Director
Carol Lee Pryor, Art Consultant
Abel Daniel, Model & Stylist
Kelli Sturges, Producer
Wendy Goodman, New York Magazine
Brad Ascalon, Designer
Dror Benshetrit, Designer
Chip Brian, Founder / Best & Company
Michiru Tanaka, Designer
Suchi Reddy, Architect
Michael Fragoso, Cultural Figure
Jana Suhani, Art Curator
Marcus Teo, Creative Director
Toni Garrn, Model & Activist
Nathan Coyle, CEO / Domino Media
Stephen Kent Johnson, Photographer
Jean Won Mosler, Designer
Joshua Robinson, JMR
Shawn Jenkins, Hacker Hipster Hustler
Rachel Comey, Fashion Designer
Renata Follman, Publicist