Defining the great jones studio identity

Client: Humanity; cute animals; future generations.


The business cards and general brand ephemera at Great Jones Studio were each thrown together in mere minutes; the card was a singular burst of inspiration that was never edited, revised or proofed—simply ordered directly to print.

The "rules" of the brand are kept to a few simple (but necessary) guidelines:

1. The item or design must express joy.
2. The item or design must feature an environmental response.*
3. The item or design must be of high quality.

Why so sparkly?

The concept behind the overwhelming shininess of the Jones identity is based on my own childhood obsessions with my mother's jewelry, Barbies, aliens and a lifelong fondness for all underwater creatures. If you ever read The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister you'll understand. *Refraction, luminescence, movement—by using transparent or reflective materials, we can create "living," interactive objects through our designs instead of something dull and lifeless.


The Tagline

Lastly: Why "WE ARE ALL GREAT JONES STUDIO?" The obvious answer: It is the only thing that came to mind and made sense in the few seconds I considered the design altogether.

But the inspiration traces back to a Season 3 episode of the Netflix show Bojack Horseman—a piece of pop culture that has influenced me in more ways than one—wherein a mirrored billboard reads "YOU ARE SECRETARIAT" (in reference to the title character's recent film role) and an ancient TIME Magazine cover with a mirrored screen on the front cover promoting You as "Person of the Year."

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.17.34 PM.png

Netflix show Bojack Horseman has inspired my work in at least two obvious instances.


TIME is as boring as it gets, but there was a decent idea here.


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