Rebranding a Tech Innovator

Client: Lighting Science (part of the Pegasus Capital Advisors portfolio)

Founded by multi-patented inventor Fred Maxik in 1989, Lighting Science is a tech innovator in the truest sense of the word.


The Lighting Science aesthetic is a surrealist take on the art of contemporary sci-fi and videogames; a blending of circadian science and the inherent magic of the sun and moon.

Lighting Science Logo_dark.png

We were originally introduced to the brand as their PR counsel, and as we became familiar with their industry-changing breakthroughs in circadian rhythm technology we realized there was opportunity to translate their titanic mission through words, symbols, and images.


The logo, created in partnership with veteran industrial designer Frederick McSwain, is an abstraction of a solar eclipse.

LS_MarketingWall_November2016-1 copy_half.png

The brand's defining colors—magenta, purple, pink and orange—were taken directly from the same graphs of the visible color spectrum found in your high-school textbook. 


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