The Dmitriy Stencils: An Introduction

Spring 2018

To uncover traces of life in the inanimate and give it breath—this is our PURPOSE as creators.

The Way Back

Summer 2017

Client: Dmitriy & Co.

Background: Longtime collaborators and clients Dmitriy & Co. commissioned Great Jones Studio to produce a series of shortfilms documenting the unique process of making luxury furniture by hand in New York City.


Light of My Life

Summer 2017

Client: Lighting Science, biological lighting innovator (part of Pegasus Capital Advisors portfolio)

Background: For infants and young children, the modern world is full of disruptive influences on their developing circadian rhythm. Using actual home video clips and sibling actors, here we tell the story of light's impact from the point of view of a new mother to promote the company's acclaimed Sleepy Baby night light.


Summer 2017