Branding for the Influencer's Influencer

Client: WEIV, new social media platform

We were approached to design an identity from scratch for a new social media platform (currently in beta testing) called WEIV—"VIEW" backwards—that provides influencers with the tools to monetize their content and leverage their business acumen to grow their brands without the aid of advertisers or sponsorships. The resulting identity design allows our users to inject their own creativity without the imposing presence of an over-designed brand interface.


"It's all about you" is the internal tagline we created for WEIV during the brand development process. Seen above are examples of unique iteration by app users—including one for Great Jones Studio.


To address the contemporary hurdles of consumer disposability and brand clutter, the WEIV logo is designed to easily transform to suit a wide range of applications—it can become a seamless pattern in black and white or full color, embedded with specific imagery and used with or without the "W" symbol in infinite variations.

You may sign up for the WEIVmaker waitlist by clicking here.


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